Quadroyale is creative management solutions.


Our service offers a better way to think about brand identity, design and communication.


We work closely with businesses to strengthen the foundations of their brand vision and how it relates to their target audience. Accomplished through our passion for information design, data visualisation and communication that focuses on the message; what the audience needs to know.

The team at Quadroyale have a combined 25+ years of experience in design and communications. We strive to fully understand the goals of the customer and our focus on brand development has evolved to enable us to dynamically support these goals.

How we get it done...


How can we help?

Use the design solutions briefs to tell us about your business and design needs. No rush, take your time.


Let's discuss it.

We'll get back to you with our initial thoughts, our suggestions and a quote. When you're happy, we can proceed.


It's your design.

We develop it and keep you looped in every step of the way. Your feedback helps to bring your vision to life.


Tell us what you think.

Another opportunity to make sure everything is as you need. We'll make the final adjustments.


Over to you.

We get your completed design and any other deliverables to you as quickly as possible.

Our team

Find out more about the people behind Quadroyale.

Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson

Creative Strategist and Brand Specialist

Tyler's goal is to simplify the design process, not just for the clients but the designers as well. Allowing each to focus their energies on achieving the task at hand. He's spent time on both sides of the fence, with 15+ years’ experience; he knows what it takes to achieve a productive balance. He now spends his time helping both sides work together to ensure an efficient and effective creative outcome.

Tyler has developed and evolved multiple brand identities and worked on both sides of the Atlantic. When he's not on the clock, he's either behind a camera or in front the screen watching anime, international films, or classic movies - “When stars, were stars.” he says (no, he's not as old as he may sound).

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‘Dragon’ The Dragon

‘Dragon’ The Dragon

Our Mascot

Introducing Dragon. His friends call him Drag. He hails from Croydon in South London, although he calls it The Cronx. No one can say for sure where he came from but his passion for creativity is certain. He spent his youth travelling the world, experiencing different cultures and ways of life, before settling in Croydon. He regularly boasts about his unsurpassed education at the University of the World.

Dragon is a big guy and can come across a little scary, but really he’s the softy in the group. He is the face of our sharing and learning programmes. Helping us share our creativity with our communities, helping where we can.

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